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Your Trusted Source for Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer for Over 30 Years !

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High Quality Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer Brands

KEMP SINGAPORE has been in business since 1988 for over 30 years. The models we carry are Toyo Mavello, Jupiter, Vesta and now the NEW GENERATION Smart Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizers – KempSmart i series. Since its inception, KEMP SINGAPORE has gone from strength to strength and has been recognized with awards and accreditations that distinguish it from the rest of the competitors in the industry.

On the point of superior quality systems, KEMP SINGAPORE chooses to work with the best. MAVELLO and JUPITER are internationally recognized as quality brands. Boasting statistics such as the lowest return / repair ratio in the industry. It has more than 55 registered patents and product designs, agents in over 35 countries, 20 different water ionizer models and the having the largest market share of the Korean water ionizer market. It is apt that JUPITER is recognized as Korea No. 1 Water Ionizer brand.

Whilst JUPITER is the global brand of choice for water ionizers, it is essential to state that the exceptional quality of its ionizers stem a large part from the source of manufacturing. The same plant in Narita, Japan that produces the components for JUPITER also produces the best-selling local water ionizer, MAVELLO. With a track record of more than 20 years in the market, it is a product that is widely known for its durability, simplicity and popularity.

KEMPSmart i series is another quality product by IONIA incorporating the SMART features and technologies providing finest ionized alkaline and activated hydrogen water for Beauty and Life-Giving Water!


The Factory – IONIA

IONIA Co. Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality JUPITER water ionizers. Backed by more than 45 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of Ph.D. Scientists and Engineers, JUPITER water ionizers are the highest performing, most reliable and technically advanced ionizers available today.

JUPITER water ionizers were the first ‘CE’ approved water ionizers on the market. It has a state of the art production plant capable of manufacturing over 100,000 units a month. They continue to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry. Their Research Department in Japan is always far ahead of other imitators in the field. JUPITER water ionizers are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide

JUPITER water ionizer is the endorsed brand by Dr. Robert O Young (author of ‘pH Miracle’), Dr. Theodore Baroody (author of ‘Alkalize or Die’) and Sang Wang (author of ‘Reverse Ageing’).

KEMPSmart i

KEMPSmart i series is another quality product by IONIA. This is an upgraded series of the well tested and proven JUPITER range. With the SMART features and technologies, and incorporating the patented NewTec Watercells, enables you to enjoy the BEST of both Worlds, the finest ionized alkaline and activated hydrogen water, giving you Beauty and Life-Giving Water!

The newer range of KempSmart i series are available in 5 plates, 7 plates and undersink unit. Packed with the Smart technologies and the NewTec water cells, the machine is able to provide consistent and excellent quality of alkaline ionized water, commonly known as “kangen water”! Apart from having top-notch quality, KEMPSmart i machines are also equipped with a number of SMART features and settings. It enables one to personalise the setting according to individual preference!

Alkaline ionized water or otherwise known as Kangen water in Japanese is created between pH 8.5 to 10.5 which make this water suitable for a number of purposes. It can be used for drinking, cooking, cleaning and beautifying oneself. You can now look forward to benefiting from the daily utilisation of alkaline water right here in Singapore! You ingest vital minerals and get optimum hydration when you choose to make alkaline ionized water (Kangen water) a part of your daily regimen. It aids in restoring your body to a healthier, more alkaline state and thus boosts your health significantly. You can also utilise it for cleaning as well as preparing food, making coffee or tea, flavoring soups or stews, and watering plants.

All water ionizers sold by Kemp Singapore are medically tested and certified by the Korea FDA in Korea Factory. The filters in our water ionizers use 0.01 micron ultra fine filtration and the platinum-titanium electrodes are tested and certified by Singapore PSB/TUV. All these certifications will keep your mind at ease when you purchase your water ionizer from KEMP SINGAPORE.

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alkaline water, hydrogen wateralkaline water, hydrogen wateralkaline water

alkaline water, hydrogen water