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pH Balance – A Key to Healthy Living

The human body tends to maintain body fluid at pH 7.35 according to the homeostasis function. It tries to maintain the balance of each organ with alkaline body fluid of pH 8.8 from the pancreas as the peak. However, a consistent acidic condition will result in lowering one’s immune system. Alkaline ionized water with pH 8.5-11 helps to counter the harmful effects of acidic wastes build-up.

Abundant antioxidant – Combats Free radicals

Imagine having the ability to convert normal rap or filtered water into anatioxidant water with a negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) that retards the ageing process. A high or rising positive ORP (+ORP) causes oxidation that in turn causes ageing. The –ORP from an ionizer is effective in counteracting this process. Alkaline ionized water renews our bodies at the cellular level. This is as close as it gets to reach the Fountain of Youth!

Highly Oxygenated Water – Boosts Metabolism (Micro-oxygenation)

The other antioxidant property of Jupiter is the high quantity of dissolved oxygen in the form of hydroxyl ions (OH-). These oxygen atoms with an extra electron attached to them is similar to antioxidants such as vitamin A, C and E. It combats free radicals that are unstable oxygen molecules which cause damage to the body cells and helps to boost metabolism and immunity.

Alkaline ionized minerals (Ca2+) – Restore pH balance

Alkaline ionized water gives you minerals in ionized form that are easily assimilated into the body. These ionized minerals are not only good for building strong bones and teeth, but they are also vital in dissolving acidic deposits at joints that cause various problems such as Arthritis, Gout and Rheumatism.

Smaller water clusters – Microcluster and Hexagonal Effect

Alkaline ionized water molecule clusters are smaller than other types of water. It is this smaller size that helps to hydrate cells more efficiently. It is also a great transport in excreting waste matter from the body rapidly. This helps the body to detoxify and provides for better hydration.