KEMP SINGAPORE, the Pioneer and Leader in alkaline hydrogen ionized water, has been dealing with water ionizers in Singapore since 1988, over 30 years…

It all began when Dr C.L Yap, Ph.D., brought in the first unit of water ionizer to test out its purported effectiveness and efficacy. His Japanese friend had strongly recommended the use of alkaline hydrogen ionized water as the phenomenon was gaining popularity and being accepted in Japan and Korea, following its approval by the Japanese Health Ministry in 1965. Being a mineral specialist, Dr Yap researched and studied alkaline hydrogen ionized water and its reports thoroughly before being convinced of its usefulness to people’s health.

Seen primarily as a complementary and support platform for healthy living, alkaline hydrogen ionized water has grown in popularity throughout the world as different doctors, specialists, hospitals and universities study the uses of alkaline hydrogen ionized water. Singapore has also seen an increasing interest in alkaline hydrogen ionized water as a means to support good health.

KEMP SINGAPORE has been in business since 1988 (30 years), marketing Toyo Mavello, Jupiter, Vesta and now the NEW GENERATION Smart Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizers – KempSmart i series. Since its inception, KEMP SINGAPORE has gone from strength to strength and has been recognized with awards and accreditations that distinguish it from the rest of the competitors in the industry.

On the point of superior quality systems, KEMP SINGAPORE chooses to work with the best. MAVELLO and JUPITER are internationally recognized as quality brands. Boasting statistics such as the lowest return / repair ratio in the industry, more than 55 registered patents and product designs, agents in over 35 countries, 20 different water ionizer models and the having the largest market share of the Korean water ionizer market, it is apt that JUPITER is recognized as Korea No. 1 Water Ionizer brand.

Whilst JUPITER is the global brand of choice for water ionizers, it is essential to state that the exceptional quality of its ionizers stem a large part from the source of manufacturing. The same plant in Narita, Japan that produces the components for JUPITER also produces the best-selling local water ionizer, MAVELLO. With a track record of more than 20 years in the market, it is a product that is widely known for its durability, simplicity and popularity.

KEMPSMART i series is another quality product by IONIA incorporating the SMART features and technologies providing finest ionized alkaline and activated hydrogen water for Beauty and Life-Giving Water!


Accreditation & Awards

With our customers’ support over the years, it has since grown to become a reputable and distinguished Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizer provider offering excellent knowledge, outstanding service support and superior quality products. KEMP SINGAPORE is the ONLY WATER COMPANY in Singapore that has received numerous Awards and Accreditations – for Good and Ethical business practices from CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) and also EXCELLENT SERVICE AWARD from Springs Singapore/Singapore Retailer Association. This includes: Consumer Trust, Business Trust, Singapore Service Star, Singapore Health Award.

The water ionizers sold by KEMP SINGAPORE are constantly improvised with newer technologies to give consumers better performing products. All the water ionizers and filters have been stringently tested and confirm to international standards including ISO, CE, UL and NSF Standards and are certified as medical apparatus by Korea FDA.

The NewTec watercell electrodes in the water ionizers are Made in Japan with platinum and titanium, tested and certified by PSB TUV Singapore.

Our Reputation rests with YOUR Satisfaction!

At KEMP SINGAPORE, we are committed to delivering the best water ionizers at affordable prices to every home through:

Excellent Customer Service Professionalism and Expertise Integrity and Ethics


With a wide range of water ionizer models catering to individuals’ preference and budget, unparalleled service support and a dedicated, knowledgeable team of technical and sales staff, we truly are the alkaline hydrogen ionized water ionizer specialist company in Singapore. Feel free to contact us at 6272-5337 or simply email us at We would love to be in touch with you!




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