Mavello Alkaline Water Ionizers

MAVELLO MX, which is a dependable and trustable name in alkaline water ionizers, has now been incorporated with the ultimate in Japanese MESH plate waterCell technology, and is most likely the BEST selling brand out there!

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The MAVELLO water ionizer is a bestseller which was presented in the year 2000. Since then, it has been upgraded to the sixth edition with the latest in Mesh technology.

It’s produced with the best technology, made available from its R&D department in Japan, as well as the finest materials. What’s more, its special mesh-designed electrodes yield excellent-quality water using independent laboratory testing. The addition of constant upgrades and enhancements leads to the continual improvement of the MAVELLO – to stay as relevant and user-friendly as possible.

It also comes with a proven track record from over a decade, with system users ranging from households to MNCs, and homemakers to top level executives to medical practitioners. Thanks to the accolades and testimonials pouring in from all corners of the world, you can rest assured that the new MAVELLO MX is the most suitable choice for you as the leading alkaline water ionizer.

Leading Health Water System

MAVELLO ionizers are aesthetically designed to add the finishing touch to all kinds of kitchen décor. The user panel is functional as well as pleasant to look at, and you can choose to have it wall mounted or free standing on the table top. Drinking as well as using antioxidant-rich water in one’s daily life can bring in much-needed relief from many medical issues and help in balancing out the acidity levels in the body, which helps in leading a healthier life.

These water ionizers come equipped with 5 plates and 6 different settings – 4 alkaline pH, 1 acidic pH, and filter only. What makes them stand out from the rest, however, is their Ultra Filter, which has many stages that it runs the water through. The first is the carbon filter stage, second is the space fibre stage and the final stage is the tubular membrane media, which eliminates the remaining chemicals missed by the previous 2 stages. All these reasons clearly indicate that it makes sense to invest in MAVELLO water ionizers!