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Mavello JP 101 DX 

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The best-selling Mavello water ionizer is exceptional for a number of reasons. Manufactured using the best technology available from its R & D department in Japan together with the finest materials, its uniquely designed electrodes yield the best quality of water during independent laboratory testing. Coupled with constant upgrades and improvements, the Mavello is continually improved upon to stay relevant and user-friendly. Additionally, it has a proven track record spanning a decade. The users of the system range from households to MNCs, homemakers to top level executives to medical practitioners.


· Ministry of Health & Walfare, Japan (Cert No: 1285)
· Ministry of Health & Walfare, Korea (Cert No: 39381)
· Japanese Factory Medical ( Approva; No 59B no 897)
· Korean Factory Medical Approval No: 610
· SISIR Test Report No 0-21242-523-GAP
· SGH Test Report No: W1915 / 2000P (Bacteria)
· SGH Test Repprt No: W5840/2006 (Bacteria)
· SGH Test Report No: W6303/2006 (Chlorine)



Key Features:

Distinctive Features of Mavello

Ultra Fine Filtration

Using the latest in filtration technologies, our filters can remove down to 0.01M via Space fibre while Tourmaline stones and Calcium enhances the waters’ properties.

Electrolysis Electrode Plate

Combining the newest technologies and finest materials, our Platinum-Titanium electrodes yields the best quality of alkaline ionized water, while ensuring maximum efficiency and durability for years.

Transformer Power Supply

Mavello employs transformer technology for its stability and reliability during ionization

International Accreditation and Certification

Quality of the Mavello water ionizers conform to international standards and benchmarks, including CE, GMP, ISO, JIS and KFDA standards.

Automatic Electrode Cleaning Mechanism

In-built self cleaning mechanism automatically detects and monitors usage and triggers regular maintenance of the electrodes via self-cleaning.

User-friendly Control Panel and Display

Clear options and simple display allows for easy selection of types and level of water, while providing customers with important information such as filter usage, ionization process and warning indication.

Advanced Computerized PCB

Hi-Tech Microcomputer (MICOM) system self diagnoses every function within the machine and can detect the pH and quality of any water source to ensure ionization is always optimal.

Extra Calcium Port

The Calcium Port holder allows for extra Calcium to be added into the system to improve taste and increase ionized Calcium content for those who need it.



Technical Specifications:

Model No JP 101DX
Dimensions 34cm X 25.5cm X 13cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Water Supply Direct Connection to Tap
Filter Indicator LED, ‘9999’ counter
Power 240V 50 Hz
Electrical Usage 80W (0.38A)
Flow Rate 2.5l
Water Pressure 9.5 – 8.5 psi