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Water Filter System


Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd since its inception in 1988 has provided quality water ionizers for its customers. Comprising of a superior water filter system and state of the art ionization technology, Kemp’s water ionizers have been known to last for years.

Its water filter system uses tourmaline stones to enhance the water with Far Infrared energy, Calcium minerals to neutralise chemicals and increase mineral content and its advanced space fibre filter materials for a 0.01M ultrafine filtration that keeps even bacteria out from your drinking water!



The ionization component consists of plates that are optimised to a square area of 10 square inches per side of a plate. The base metal is titanium, known for its toughness and 0.57 micron thickness of platinum is coated on top of that. This standard is further backed up through its ISO and GMP standards to ensure that top notch ionization quality is provided to our customers