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Kemp Singapore has been the trusted source for alkaline ionized hydrogen water since 1988!

Kemp Singapore has progressed from strength to strength over the years. Our medically approved facility (ISO 13485) and Research & Development group are constantly developing products with superior functional capabilities such as KempSmart i Water Ionizer, KempSmart H2 Hydrogen Maker and KempSmart iPro, the first tankless hot & cold water ionizer in the industry.

Over the years, our facility and company has received numerous outstanding awards and accreditations including Emperor Award (Japan), President Award (Korea) and CASE Trust, Business Trust and Consumer Trust and Excellent Service Award (Singapore).

Throughout our 33 years in Singapore and South East Asia, our wide spectrum of clientele range from households, MNCs, GLCs, clinics to health and medical professionals and continues to grow as more people understand the health benefits of alkaline ionized hydrogen water.

Start drinking KempSmart alkaline ionized hydrogen water today because it makes life worth living!

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Hi Gary, would like to update you on some improvements that my family has seen, since using the Mavello water ionizer. My family has been using the Mavello Alkaline Ionized Water Machine since May 2009 and since then we have discovered how it has benefitted each of the family members. We have been drinking about 2 litres of alkaline water daily and my high blood pressure has stabilized and I am now off medication while my dad’s cholesterol level have dropped to a normal level in Oct 09.

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My husband experienced gout attacked a year ago. After hearing a friend telling me that Alkaline Water is the best medicine for gout, I was quite skeptical. Nevertheless, I did some research myself through the internet and books, I get to know that alkaline water can help to restore pH balance of the body and effective in reducing uric acid level. Therefore, we decided to invest one. After comparing the pricing and features from a few companies, we finally settle for Dephi under-sink from Kemp Trading. Besides for the proven technology, I was attracted by its stylish design (as no bulky processor at sight).

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Would like to record my thanks and say that I have truly benefited from using my JUPITER water ionizer.

My family and I have been users since 2006 and ever since then, I have experienced remarkable benefits!

One significant improvement that I have seen is in my health and stamina. Previously, due to my hectic work schedule and commitments, I was under a lot of stress which resulted in recurring bouts of flu, cough and fever. Not to mention, I always felt tired and fatigued. However, after consuming alkaline ionized water, I noticed that my health has seen dramatic improvements. I rarely see the doctors these days and also I notice that I recover faster after a tiring day at work. In fact, I realised that I’m up and ready to go about my next day when it begins!

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Alkaline Ionized Water Improved My Liver Issue & My Husband's Gout!

My family wanted to get a water ionizer for the improvement of our overall health. We heard about alkaline ionized water through a Kangen water presentation but  machine was very expensive. My daughter found Kemp Singapore through an internet search and we decided to purchase the KempSmart i7 water ionizer after viewing a demo at their showroom at International Plaza.
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Here goes my honest testimony. My late father developed end stage renal failure in his late fifties and as such, our family doctor had made a point to get every member of the family to go for an annual urine test.  Only my youngest sister and I had been told that there was mild traces of blood in our urine samples and we got to watch our diet to avoid highly processed and excessive salt in our food intake.  That was more than 10 years ago when my younger sister started consuming alkaline based drinking water for better health.  By the end of its first year, the traces of blood in her urine samples had disappeared. Soon after,  I was convinced to buy one and, at my annual blood and urine test, I  was also given the good news. Since then, I became a vocal advocate of drinking the right water for better health.   When it was time to replace my first generation Jupiter alkaline water purifier, I researched extensively to find a good replacement unit and after sales service to ensure that the system works well for a long time.  I was happy to find Kemp Trading and bought their Jupiter Alphion alkaline water system.  The Jupiter Alphion works very well but what is equally important is the after sales service from Kemp.  The company will follow up with a call after a year's use to check on the unit and replace the filter.  Another of my sister has just bought one from Kemp for her new flat.
    -    June Wong – Customer of Kemp since 2014
My eczema is now much under control and my health is so much better. While I did make other improvements to my lifestyle, drinking alkaline ionised water is one such improvement. Wishing you and your family a blessed year ahead.
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"I am very please with my decision on the MAVELLO machine. Beside the alkaline water ionizer, the service and support from Kay Tan of Kemp Trading in Singapore and Lyndy Yeoh of YCL Marketing in Malaysia have been excellent."
  -    Wong Peng Lam – Customer of Kemp since 2002

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