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In 1982, JUPITER Science moved from developing medical equipment to the making of quality alkaline water ionizers. Since then, JUPITER has continued to lead the industry in research and development and product dependability. Consider the following points:

Over 20 patents plus many design registrations.

  • Over 20 full time PhD staff in R & D centre, based in Japan.
  • 25% average yearly growth
  • 7 different units
  • Marketed in over 60 countries globally
  • The most number of agents and distributors for a water ionizer throughout the world
  • Over 35 years in history of producing water ionizers
  • Over 30 years of manufacturing excellence
  • Over 30 awards won, including commendations from the Korean President, Korean Minister of Health and the Japanese Emperor.
  • ISO, UL, CE, JIS, RoHS, KFDA, Chinese Health Permit Certified
  • Monthly manufacturing capability of 100,000 units a month
  • The LOWEST return / repair ratio in the industry, < 1% of machines!

JUPITER continues to create record sales in Singapore and SE Asia and in over 60 countries globally. Backed by a service quality and after sales service support that is matchless in the industry, it is easy to identify the strengths of our systems where others lack.

We are certain that once you have done your research, homework and comparisons, you’ll see why JUPITER should be your number one preference.

Q. There are other companies claiming to be No.1? How do you respond?

Based on the latest statistics published by the Korean FDA for the water ionizer industry in Korea, Jupiter has the greatest market share, this already proves that they are the number 1 company in Korea.

Additionally, based on other factors such as annual turnover, number of units produced and number of countries represented in, it is hard to find any suitable match of another company of equal standing much less able to beat Jupiter as the number water ionizer company globally.

Q. Are there any direct competitors for water ionizers?

There are competitors in any industry and for any products. However, our company stands out from the rest in terms of the history of our company. We are the pioneers locally with more than 20 years history and a clientele of 50,000 spanning across over 30 countries, including hospitals, government organizations and MNC companies.

Besides a long history, our company also provides a strong after sales service to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the water ionizer they purchased. Additionally, our factory in Korea is the largest and boasts the lowest repair / return to functional units ratio, while our R & D in Japan is considered the leading R & D centre

Q. There are so many Water Ionizers in the market, why should I buy it from Kemp Trading (Singapore)/YCL Marketing Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)?

KEMP TRADING is the pioneer and undisputed leader in the water ionizer industry in South East Asia including Singapore and Malaysia since 1988, with more than 20 years expertise in this industry. All water ionizers sold by Kemp Trading are fully imported either from Japan or Korea. Our factories are leading manufacturers in their respective countries and with strong support from both factories (Japan & Korea), we provide full back-up services and warranties for all our products.

Our clientele ranges from ordinary households to Medical practitioners, Nutritionists, Health gurus, Government and Statutory offices, MNC companies and health-related organizations. To-date our water ionizers are being sold in over 30 countries offering a range of renowned brands from Japan and Korea.

All our water ionizers use only 100% platinum-coated titanium electrodes. These are the safest and most lasting electrodes that are widely used by manufacturers in Japan and Korea. At KEMP TRADING, we are committed to bringing you the best water ionizers at the most affordable price. We carry a range of water ionizers that suit each individual needs and budgets.

If you wish to know more about our range of water ionizers, please call us at
Tel: 6272- 5337 (Singapore) or Tel: 04-5387 786 (Malaysia) or email us at

Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizer for over 32 years in Singapore!