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NEW Q. What benefits do MESH plates have over LARGE solid plates?

The mesh electrode plates are preferred over solid plates primarily because while they have the same sizing, the unique mesh design allows for greater contact area with water. This allows for a better water quality output while ensuring that electrical consumption is not intensive. Water tested at a 3rd party laboratory have shown that mesh plates outperform solid plates.

NEW Q. Do MESH plates catch more Calcium deposits?

The mesh electrodes do not gum up with calcium because the parts with holes in them are electrified with the opposite polarity when the unit cleans itself. It is not as if the small holes in mesh electrodes just sit collecting calcium because they are there. The surface tension of the electrodes is also increased by mesh configuration.

If you need more clarification, do feel free to contact us directly!

Q. What Is the JUPITER Water Ionizer?

JUPITER water ionizers are a 2-in-1 Water Purifier & Ionizer. It purifies tap water and then ionizes it through the electrolysis chamber by removing acidic mineral salts and enhancing it with beneficial alkaline ionized minerals.

Q. How Does JUPITER Work?

Tap water is first purified and energized through the specially designed 0.01 micron filter. The filter materials consist of Silverized Activated Carbon, Calcium, Tourmaline (Bio-Ceramic stones) and Space Fibre the produces Far Infrared (FIR) energy. The filtration effectively removes bacteria, chlorine, chloramine, rust, sediments, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and substances from the source water. The Tourmaline and Space Fibre further activates and energizes the filtered water.

The purified, activated and energized water then passes through another process called “Ionization” that further splits the water into Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water for Drinking and Acidic Water for Beauty & Medical uses.

Q. What are the electrodes made of?

JUPITER uses 5 pieces of electrodes that are made of 100% platinum-coated titanium electrodes. Each platinum coating is 0.53 micron.

Q. How does JUPITER Water Ionizer kill viruses and bacteria?

Firstly, viruses and bacteria are filtered and impregnated in the silverised activated carbon filter compartment. Through Ionization, the bacteria and viruses are further eliminated and finally they are not able to survive in the abundance negative-charged ions Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water. (Please refer to our Singapore General Hospital Bacteria Test Report No.: W5840)

Q. How much electricity does this unit use?

The unit uses 80 watts during operation while ionizing water. On a standby mode, it uses far less electricity. On a cost basis, if the unit is left on for 24 hours, it’ll cost a maximum of $2 per month.

Q. Are bigger electrode plates more efficient?

With technology moving towards miniaturization, JUPITER uses compact water cell with proprietary matting electrodes that enhances ionization. This technology also reduces power consumption. Bigger plates need more power. They are used in older water ionizers and are currently used by Taiwan and China manufacturers.

Q. Is SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) technology more superior than Transformers?

Established Japanese and Korean manufacturers use transformer for stability during ionization.

Q. Is this product endorsed by anyone?

This product is endorsed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea as well as in Japan. It has also obtained the FDA registration in the US and health approval in Korea and China.

Locally, we have sent the sample of water for testing in SGH and the results been found to be well above the national standards.

Q. What’s the warranty period and after sales service like?

For all units, we provide a 2-year warranty period that will cover all machine parts that are used in conjunction with standard intended usage. We however do NOT cover external joints and consumables.

Should there be any problem with your unit, please feel free to contact our staff at our hotline: 6272-5337. We will arrange for our technicians to go to your place to fix or service your unit on-site. There will be charges for labour and transport. Separate charges apply if there is a need to change any parts that the technician advises.

Q. Installation wise, what are the requirements?

For simple installation, we provide a standard tap diverter and other adaptors (18, 22 and 24mm) that can be mounted onto existing standard faucets. Should such installation be deemed unsuitable by our technicians, we would recommend a direct installation instead.

For a direct installation to the water piping, our technician will have to do some works under the sink as well as drill a hole through the table top to connect the water supply to the unit. Thus, typical charges for this installation range between $80 – $100.

Q. Pricing of the systems and any discounts for the system?

Refer to latest price list and in store promotions for more information.

Q. Maintenance of the system? What do I have to do?

Maintenance of the unit includes an annual change of the water filter or after filtering 6000L of water. There is a gauge which will prompt customers when to change this.
Besides this, customers are encouraged to perform manual selection of the acidic function regularly to allow alternating of the self-cleaning device to keep the unit in its optimum condition.

Q. How long can the filter last and how much is it?

Our filters will be able to last for up to a year and it will be able to filter up to 6000L of water. Additionally, our filters use hi tech space fiber to allow up to a 0.01micron filtration, uncommon in the filter market. 

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