FAQ – Technology and Concept

Q. What is Ionization?

Ionization is the process of converting liquids or particles wholly or partly into ions. It simply means gaining or losing an electron. During Ionization, positive minerals and negative minerals are segregated accordingly to produce Alkaline Ionized Water and Acidic Water. Alkaline Ionized Water is full of Hydroxyl ions (OH-) and Acidic Water is full of Hydrogen ions (H+).

Q. How to obtain alkaline ionized water?

Alkaline ionized water is processed in the water ionizer by electrically polarizing the filtered water and splitting them into Alkaline Ionized Water for healthy drinking and Acidic water for beauty and antiseptic uses. Water Ionizer is approved by the Ministry of Health Japan in 1965 and Ministry of Health Korea in 1970.

Q. What does Alkaline Ionized Water and Acidic Water mean?

Water (H20) ionizes into hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions. When these ions are in equal proportions, the pH is a neutral 7. When there are more H+ ions than OH- ions, then the water is said to be acidic. If OH- ions outnumber the H+ ions, then the water is alkaline.

Q. What is pH and why is a balanced body pH very vital for health?

pH is the quantitative measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance or solution. The pH scale is based on the number of hydrogen ions in the solution and runs from 0 to 14. Ordinary tap water with an equal amount of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions is measured as neutral or having a pH of 7. Acidic solution is below pH7 while pH above that is alkaline.

The reason why pH is so important for health is that living cells are ultra-sensitive to any changes in pH. The pH of blood must be maintained within a very narrow range, from 7.35 to 7.45; variances in anything more than a few tenths will most likely result in death. Cancer cells “live” in an acidic environment while healthy cells in alkaline environment.

The acidic foods and beverages we consume daily affect the body’s pH, so do the environment contaminants in the air we breathe and toxins that result from the agricultural practices. In fact, the pH balance in our diets is a largely overlooked issue in today’s health, fitness, and our physical energy.

The proportion of acid minerals relative to alkaline minerals is the major factor we use to understand what is happening internally within our body. Body chemistry has a delicate range between pH 6.8 to 7.4 for proper maintenance of health. The pH range internally is necessary for the whole body to function well physically, emotionally, and mentally.

A person who has properly balanced pH will be happy, content, free from body aches and muscle cramps. They will enjoy being emotionally stable and mentally clear. The results are extraordinary because the tissues will exist in their natural and optimal alkaline environment, conducive for health.

Q. What is pH and why is a balanced body pH very vital for health?

Oxidation means to decay or age. It results from regular function of metabolism and cell function. In the human body, oxidation is caused by free radical damage. Free radicals that exist in our body grab an electron from one of our cells to become stable and in the process damage the DNA of the cell so that when it divides, the new cell carries the mutant DNA that in turn passes along to the next cell when it divides. This is the cause of many diseases and it is also part of what makes us age. As we age, our body’s ORP becomes higher because we are oxidizing.

Researchers almost universally blame oxidation for premature aging and degenerative diseases. Pollution, chemicals, food additives, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. are thought to dramatically accelerate the oxidation process, increasing the need for anti-oxidants. Many people are turning to supplements to increase the intake of anti-oxidants. However, the water you drink also contributes to the effect of the anti-oxidants supplements you take.

Alkaline Ionized Water has a Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) that helps to offset the higher ORP of our body as we aged. It counteracts the aging process by putting a negatively charged water which somewhat dampens the ever-rising ORP of our oxidizing body. By installing a water Ionizer, you can enjoy a continuous flow of antioxidants in your own home.


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