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Choose from Counter–Top or Under-Sink Models for Your Convenience

KempSmart i7 & i9 --World First SMART Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer incorporating Industry First Smart Technology and the latest NewTec Water cell giving the best of both worlds – finest ionized alkaline and activated hydrogen water! Choose from counter-top or under-sink that complements well with any kitchen décor’.
Watercell plates are certified platinum titanium from Japan.

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Pure Hydrogen Water

Enjoy instant pure & fresh hydrogen water with our latest range of Hydrogen Water Dispenser. The ONLY system that uses USA made PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) to generate pure hydrogen water. Tap water is filtered before it is being processed through the PEM membrane.

Drink pure hydrogen water free of harmful chemicals and substances anytime, anywhere, with abundance of hydrogen antioxidants for good health !

Singapore’s 1st Water Ionizer with instant hot & cold functions.

KempSmart iPro with its state-of-the-art technology and slim tankless design will fit well into modem Singapore homes or offices. It is an All-in-One system that caters different selections of water functions to suit a family with both young and elderly. Choose from filtered hot & cold water or alkaline hydrogen water for its antioxidants properties.

Fight Infectious Diseases with KilGerms KP800 Sterilizer Spray, the perfect sterilizing solution!

Generate your own All-Natural Disinfectant in the comfort of your own home! KilGerms KP800 Sterilizing Spray uses only water, 100% pure salt and electricity to produce a highly effective sterilizing solution with a very low running cost of less than 10 cents per litre.

The Kilgerms KP800 Sterilizer is all-natural, non-toxic, food-grade, child-friendly and pet-friendly.

Kills 99.99% bacteria, fungi and virus in 30 secs!

Rejuvenate with every shower

Unlike other shower filter, MAVELLO Spa Shower is a revolutionary shower to protect and rejuvenate your skin while you shower. It offers maximum removal of chlorine and other contaminants, and at the same time energizes, activates and oxygenates normal tap water with oxygen-abundant Tourmaline FIR stones. The enhanced water is absorbed by your skin more readily and produces a softer and smoother skin.


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