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The History of Alkaline Water

The alkaline water ionizer was developed in Japan in the early-1930s and many experiments were carried out on plants and animals. Alkaline water is produced in the water ionizer by electrically polarizing the filtered water and splitting them into Alkaline water and acidic water.

Japanese doctors discovered that this alkaline water was not only beneficial to plants but also for animals. Preliminary trials were carried out in army hospitals on humans. It healed wounds and sickness much faster. This discovery started a full-scale development in 1954 and it culminated the commercialization of the processors.

The experiments on humans took much longer time and it was a great success. Through these experiments, the Doctors collected much valuable information and they concluded that alkaline Antioxidant water was non-toxic and the properties helped to overcome the symptoms of adult diseases.

The first batch of commercial alkaline water ionizers was made available in Japan in 1958. Even then, the water ionizers were large models made more for hospitals and research Institutions.
After many clinical trials, domestic water ionizers finally gained approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health on 15th January 1966. Due to the efficacy of the water, the market was expanded to Korea in early 1970 and it was soon approved by the Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare.

After stringent testing by an FDA-approved Independent laboratory in Los Angeles, water ionizers were introduced into the US market in early 1985. Since then, the anti-oxidant water purifier has become so popular amongst Americans that it still spreads like wild fire across the United States and the globe.

Many health practitioners have discovered the benefits of anti-oxidant water and they encourage the population to use alkaline drinking water in place of reverse osmosis or filtered water. The renowned health writer Dr. Harvey Diamond has written a chapter on the beneficial effect of the Antioxidant water in his recent health book, “Fit For Life”.

The first batch of alkaline water ionizers was brought into Singapore and Malaysia by Dr. C.L.Yap, PhD (Kemp Trading, Singapore) in 1988. Keen to know more details and the latest development in the technology and history of water ionization technology? Just speak to any one of our Customer Service staff at 6272-5337 or simply send us an email to

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JUPITER, MAVELLO & KEMP SMART i water ionizer systems are registered as a Health and Medical device in the USA under the FDA. It is also endorsed as a health enhancement device by the Korean FDA (KFDA) and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. In Singapore, these devices have not been tested and certified by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The above information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure or treat any disease or illness. Please consult your physician for further information and specialized medical advice.

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