Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Water Ionizer 

NOW $ 2288 W/GST
Normal   $ 2588 W/GST

The NEW ALPHION MX is the synergy of design with functionality! With its sleek yet simple, silver external appearance and a large LCD electronic panel, it will surely complement any kitchen decor! Under the simple and sleek design, the ALPHION MX boasts the newest in technologies and mechanisms; including 5 pieces of state of the art mesh-designed platinum-titanium electrodes and patented double automatic reverse cleaning (DARC) system.

The ALPHION MX now comes with an inbuilt on-off control valve to control water flow that reduces valve chokage issues. All these are in addition to the great features already present such as the advanced MICOM System and the 0.01M ultra-fine filter. The ALPHION MX is a wonderful water ionizer with its stylish design and ability capable of brightening any kitchen decor!

Rust-Free Electrode Plate – Tested by PSB TUV Singapore 

All Kemp water cell plates have always been, and will always be rust free guaranteed. Kemp Singapore water cell plates are certified 100% titanium coated with platinum to ensure ionization performance and will never rust. That’s why our water cell plates are guaranteed for life not to rust.

Cutting-Edge Technology


  •  2-in-1 water purifier and ionizer
  •  Ionized alkaline & hydrogen water
  •  5 Platinum-Titanium electrode plates (Made in Japan)
  •  Tested by PSB TUV Singapore, rust-free guaranteed
  •  Patented SmartClean DARC, an automatic watercell cleaning system
  •  8 levels ultra fine 0.01 micron filtration
  •  9 levels of adjustment on pH, ORP and Hydrogen level
  •  Built-in safe features with auto shut off system

Dimensions    : 27cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 37cm (H)
Weight             : 6.6kg
Input Voltage : 120V – 240V


Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd 

Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Water Ionizer for over 33 years in Singapore !

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