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What is Water Purifier & Ionizer System?

The water purifier & alkaline ionized water is a unique health enhancement water system incorporating a ultrafine filter that removes sediments from the water and quality platinum-titanium electrodes to perform ionization. Alkaline ionized water is a natural, healthy and life-giving water that is bacteria, acid and chlorine free, thus it is safe for drinking even without boiling.

Alkaline ionized water is the ONLY WATER that has antioxidant properties to protect our bodies’ cells from damaging oxidation by free radicals and builds up the body’s immune system.

How does it produce Antioxidants?

Our Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water contains an abundance of negatively charged ions (OH). In particular, it contains high levels of Calcium (Ca2+), Magnessium (Mg2+), Potassium (K+), and Sodium (Na+) ions.

 Second, its molecules form microwater clusters that are smaller than those found in tap water. It’s this smaller size that lets the water easily permeate into the body’s cells. There, its negatively charged ions neutralize harmful free radicals. These negatively charged ions (-ORP) convert the body’s acidification to that of mild alkalinity. These actions help build the body’s immune system.

Water Purifier & Ionizer System Will produce 3 Types of  Water

  • Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant water –boost your immune system.
  • Acidic Ionized Water – For beauty and disinfectant that kills virus & bacteria on contact
  • Filtered Water Only

Principle of water purifier & ionizer system


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