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Alkaline Water Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizer

9  Plate NewTec watercell Made in Japan

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 Your Life Just Gets Better
With The New KempSmart i 9

Love Your Water, Love Your Health!

The quest of KempSmart i9 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water System is to obtain refinement of pH, ORP and Activated Hydrogen Water

Experience the health benefits of alkaline hydrogen ionized water from KempSmart i9


NEW Smart Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizers!

The new KempSmart i9 water ionizer is specifically designed for homes in South East Asia in particular, Singapore homes. What sets us apart from competitors are our smart features and smart technology. Produced by IONIA as an upgraded series to the well received and proven JUPITER water ionizers, it is the first in the industry to utilize smart technology in water ionizers and patented NewTec watercells to enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds, finest ionized alkaline and active hydrogen water, giving you beauty and life-giving water! !

First in the industry – NEW 2nd generation KempSmart i9 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizers are equipped with NewTec watercells that generate millions of nano-minerals and nano-hydrides to give you a constant supply of antioxidants! The KempSmart i9 machine is probably the first in the industry to achieve superior hydrogen rich water !

The quest of KempSmart i9 alkaline hydrogen ionized water ionizer
is to obtain refinement of pH, ORP and activated hydrogen water

9 Types of Water Levels

Your health starts now with KempSmart i9

A healthier you begins with drinking KempSmart i9 alkaline hydrogen water to boost your metabolism by eliminating acids and toxins to energize your body.


Uses for the different levels of alkaline water

Uses for the different levels of acidic water

Features of KempSmart i9 Water Ionizers

  • Latest 9 plate NewTec watercell made in Japan
  • Patented Electrode cleaning system cleans electrode plates at all times
  • Ultrafine 0.01 micron KDF 55 filtration made in USA
  • Touch Screen & Interactive Technology
  • Advanced Technology with adjustable pH, ORP and Hydrogen level
  • Auto shut off system
  • Built-in intuitive safe setting system
  • NewTec watercell generates nano-particles & nano-hydrides to provide a constant supply of antioxidants

Industry First Smart Technology

We are proud to introduce the KempSmart i series, Singapore’s first SMART Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer. Utilizing SMARTTechnology and the latest NewTec watercell, KempSmart i provides you and your family life-giving water rich in antioxidants and activated hydrogen.

Patented DARC cleaning


9 levels water selection



Benefits In Your Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water


Benefits In Your Acidic Water

Scientific testing has shown that warm water with hydrogen concentration of 200 to 400 ppb reduced skin wrinkle rates by 30% within 90 days of application. The reduction of skin wrinkles could be attributed to dissolved hydrogen H2 which penetrates deep into the skin through dilated follicles to reduce oxidative stress.

alkaline-water-inoizer-skin wrinkles

Technical Specification


Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizer for over 32 years in Singapore!

Alkaline Water