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Why IONIA Factory ?

Consider these facts:

  • 100,000 units of water ionizers manufactured every month in our Korean factory

  • Over 100 public hospitals in Japan and Korea use our brand of water ionizers

  • Over 35 countries where you can find our agents and products

  • 40 years of true research and development in our R & D centre in Narita, Japan

  • More than 55 registered patents

  • LARGEST market share in the Korean water ionizer market based on KFDA’s latest statistics.

  • Less than 1% of return / repair units due to our manufacturing excellence

  • Countless satisfied customers around the world!

  • 30 awards and commendations including personal commendations from the Japanese Emperor, Korean President and Korean       Minister of Health

  • Large range of models for your choice has met international accreditations such as
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP, RoHS, CE, UL, CSA, KFDA, JIS, FDA and Chinese Health Permit

  • World famous brands such as LG, Samsung, Hyundai chooses Jupiter’s electrodes  from Japan for OEM in their water filters and ionizers


The world’s leading cleaning technology specialist, Tennant Company chooses only IONIA’s electrodes for their new cleaning technologies in USA


We have a track record of over 32 years in this business and have no plans to leave anytime soon. Over the years, we have seen a number of competitors who came into the market and quietly left when they found the market not viable, leaving their customers without service, filters and support.

Our clientele includes ordinary households, medical practitioners and centres, nutritionists, health gurus, government and statutory offices, MNC Companies and health-related organizations.

With our customers’ support over the years, we have since grown to become a reputable and distinguished alkaline hydrogen water ionizer provider offering excellent knowledge, outstanding service support an superior quality products. We are the ONLY water company in Singapore that has received numerous Awards and Accreditations – for Good and Ethical business practices from CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) and also Excellent Services Award from Springs Singapore/Singapore Retailer Association.

We have also been awarded business and consumer trust by the National Trust Council (NTC) which indicates that we are a company that will adhere and practice legitimate business practices!

The tagline speaks for itself, “Service you can trust” Here at Kemp Singapore, we believe that it is never just about the product, but also about the service and experience that you get as a customer!

We are upfront and honest about our products, no using of false awards or partial product reviews to boast about our products.

Singapore Awards and Accreditation

After-Sales Service

We provide delivery and standard installation services. Standard installation includes using a 2 way divertor attached to the tap to allow you to continue using your tap as per normal. However, should you wish to have other modes of installation such as a separate tap or a direct connection, these are available as well. Feel free to speak to our friendly technicians regarding this.

Should you also have any questions, you are always welcome to contact the sales staff or our company’s at 6272-5337! That’s an assurance that you’ll always be heard whenever you need help or information on alkaline hydrogen ionized water.

When you need a change of your filter, feel free to give us a call to arrange for a future delivery and change at no extra charge! What’s more you can even send us an email to arrange for a filter delivery, right here! That’s our assurance to you!

About our Pricing

Due to the fact that we deal directly with customers, we are able to provide customers with the best prices available. We do NOT operate a MLM or a reseller program where the prices are marked up because of extra people in the buyer-seller relationship.

For the past 32 years, we have relied heavily on word of mouth, which is still seen as the best mode of advertisement, see weblink, http://www.acnielsen.com.sg/site/20090724.htm, which explains why we do not advertise or hire external agencies heavily. Otherwise, a lot of unnecessary costs is plunged into advertising which means GREATER COST AND MORE EXPENSIVE PRICES for our water ionizers! Go figure who has to bear the extra costs.

Opinions and Experts

IONIA products are endorsed by New York Best Selling Author, Dr. Robert O. Young, author of “The pH Miracle”, Dr. Ted Baroody, notable author of “Alkalize or Die” and Sang Whang, scientist and author of, “Reverse Aging”.

Locally, we have numerous doctors, researchers, health specialists using our systems and have given favorable reports on our systems! To have such numbers of experts who use and believe in our systems needs a long track record and quality systems!

Education program

Our staff regularly gives talks and demonstrations at companies for staff welfare and wellness.

We also do home demonstrations for customers who may not be able to come down to our showroom for various reasons or for those large family gatherings where you want the whole extended family to know about alkaline water!

Product comparisons

We choose not to rely heavily on product comparison websites because with the trove of information and “independent authorities” reviews on the Internet, it is very easy to get confused over which model is better than another model.

If you still choose to rely on product comparisons as a guide and indicator, then a better and more reliable gauge would be to look at independent 3rd party groups that have no vested interest in the test results except for the purpose of accuracy.

Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Hydrogen Ionized Water Ionizer for over 32 years in Singapore!