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Alkaline VS Alkaline – Same same but different

July 19, 2019

For our first post, we are going to discuss about alkaline water ionizers versus alkaline water filters and seek to state key differences and explain to you how to distinguish between the two systems. Watch the video below to see why alkaline water shouldn’t be your top concern. Along the way, we’ll explain why Kemp Singapore’s alkaline ionized water should be your choice for clean, safe and beneficial alkaline water!

First up though is a mention on alkaline water, which has been the toast of health enthusiasts for some time now with its reported benefits of neutralising acidic wastes in our bodies and keeping our bodies in a balanced pH range. This point has not been lost on marketers of water filters with a growing number of water filters companies offering alkaline water simply through the use of additives into our water. Here’s a trick question. How do we know if the water is alkaline or not? Simply by testing the water’s pH. This can be done via several means including the use of chemical testers (litmus paper, phenolphthalein, bromothymol blue, etc) or probes and meters or even natural means, like red cabbage juice! As long as the liquid or water shows up as alkaline, one would know it is alkaline.

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What’s not so clear however is how and what could make the water alkaline. Along with that primary question comes a whole host of other questions to ask. So here are 4 questions to ask! 1. How was it made alkaline? Water can be made alkaline through the use of ionization, where water passes through a watercell that splits the water into alkaline and acidic water through the use of different polarities generated using electricity. OR they could be made alkaline through several means including the use of additives such as alkali minerals, bicarbonates or potentially chemical substances like sodium hypochlorides, etc. See the table below to get a clearer picture


Most people are able to state that the water is alkaline. However they cannot give a clear or definite reason as to what is making the water alkaline. And this matters simply because it is something that we are consuming into our bodies, so shouldn’t you be asking more details about it? 2. Is it medically proven and tested? Alkaline ionized water has a history of being recognised as a medical treatment for gastro-intestinal issues that spans over 50 years in Japan. See picture below. This comes on the back of numerous scientific and clinical tests conducted that have proven its efficacy. If you’re keen to read more scientific tests done, check out our earlier Facebook posts or click here to view our resources page.

alkaline_water_japan_approval-212x300On a side note, do not be misled by claims that other alkaline water filter brands or machines are placed in hospitals and clinics. Any water system can be placed there for general consumption. But for the water to be used for medicinal and healing purposes, it’s a whole different level altogether and to date, only alkaline ionized water has received this form of assurance that long term consumption of it is beneficial and does not pose any long term side effects. See some of the doctors’ reports here,

  3. What is its maintenance like? Most water ionizers come with 2 parts, firstly a filter that does filtration and removal of sediments. This is followed by the ionization process through the use of platinum-titanium plates (watercell) that when powered by electricity, separates the water into alkaline and acidic water, hence the key part of what makes the water alkaline is the use of the watercell which is a permanent feature of any credible water ionizer! Resultantly, the alkaline levels would be fairly consistent over time. For systems that use additives to make the water alkaline, it should be noted that they depend heavily on their content within the filters to ensure that the water is alkaline. Furthermore, the longer the unit is being used, the lower the alkaline level will drop to, simply because the alkaline contents within the filter is exhausted. To mitigate this, it is advised that consumers regularly check the pH themselves to ensure the quality of the alkaline pH present!

kdf-filterkempNEW-228x300Another key point to note is the cost of the filters that have to be replaced regularly in order to ensure your alkalinity is maintained. Is it measured by duration or by the effective capacity? How much does it cost per litre of water? And does the long term cost add up to a substantial cost? Free machines but with a long term lock in contract for filters + maintenance should be studied carefully!

4. What other benefits does it have? Alkaline ionized water offers much more than just clean alkaline water. If you’ve seen our videos on our Facebook videos page, you’ll know that ionized water offers other key benefits including:
  • Abundant Antioxidants
  • Hydrogen Water
  • Ionized minerals
  • Microclustered water
Furthermore, the benefits exist in substantial quantities in alkaline ionized water! Whilst some alkaline water filters may offer the primary benefit of alkaline water, they may not necessarily offer the whole range of benefits that we’ve highlighted above. Alkaline ionized water has been tested and accepted as a medical treatment for Gastro-intestinal issues since 1966 and in fact it has been sold all around the world for decades. Locally, Kemp Singapore being the pioneer and leader in alkaline ionized water has been dealing with water ionizers since 1988 and we continue to serve our loyal and faithful customers with much gratitude and joy! Should you have any questions or would need clarifications, call us at 6272-5337 and we’ll be glad to speak with you!