All in 1 Instant Hot & Cold
Tankless Water Dispenser

NOW $ 3688 W/GST
Normal   $ 4888 W/GST

Stylish & Convenience in the Comfort of  your Home & Office

The KempSmart iPro water dispenser system is specially designed for your convenience as you enjoy instant access to hot, cold and room temperature water. Choose from alkaline ionized hydrogen water for abundant antioxidants, acidic water for cleaning and filtered water for general purposes. Equipped with innovative technology & 100% platinum titanium plates, this chic and compact system will meet all of your hydration needs. Enjoy fresh drinking water for you and your family today!

GO Tankless!

Gone are the days of bulky hot and cold systems that require regular tank cleaning to prevent bacterial buildup. With the KempSmart iPro water dispenser, water is converted to hot or cold INSTANTLY eliminating the need for tanks. This ensures the water you receive is always fresh and hygienic.

Rust-Free Electrode Plate – Tested by PSB TUV Singapore 

All Kemp water cell plates have always been, and will always be rust free guaranteed. Kemp Singapore water cell plates are certified 100% titanium coated with platinum to ensure ionization performance and will never rust. That’s why our water cell plates are guaranteed for life not to rust.

10 Levels of Water Selection for the Whole Family



Security Child Lock

Touch Screen Technology

Dual 6 Stage Filtration

The 1st Water Ionizer with Hot & Cold Functions in Singapore

An All New Experience with Smart Technologies


    •  Smart Cleaning
      Smart cleaning system ensures optimum performance
    •  Slim & Tankless Design
      For the modern kitchen with instant heating & cooling
    •  Smart Energy Saving
      Eco standby proximity sensor
    •  Dual 6 Stage Filtration
      up to 0.01 Micron removes heavy metals, fungi, bacteria & harmful chemicals
    •  Smart Safety
      Protects against overheating
  •  Advanced Touch Panel
    For easy selection & setting adjustment

Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd 

Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Water Ionizer for over 33 years in Singapore !