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Jupiter Water Ionizers


With over 45 years of manufacturing excellence as well as support from a whole team of Ph.D. Scientists and Engineers, JUPITER Alkaline water ionizers are undoubtedly the highest performing, most dependable and technically advanced ionizers available in today’s times.

The factory leads continuously with the lowest return/repair rate industry-wide, and it is also noteworthy that their Research Department in Japan is always way ahead of other imitators in the field.

JUPITER is the world leader in alkaline water ionizers and can be acquired in over 30 countries around the world. Kemp Trading takes great pride in introducing the latest range of JUPITER alkaline water ionizers that are perfectly suited to individual budgets and needs.

The available models vary from Counter-top to Under-sink units, and complement all kinds of kitchen decor.


Today’s world makes it increasingly challenging to maintain a healthy pH balance, which is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to counteract the acidic effects of stress and unhealthy dietary choices. And when we choose to drink mineral-rich, ionized water, we can alkalise our body at a faster pace, and thus support the body’s requirements. If there is an alternative to the Elixir of Youth, it is surely ionized water!

Regular tap water cannot provide the antioxidants we need for our day-to-day functioning. What’s more, a lot of the food we eat nowadays is acidic in nature, which in turn makes us increasingly prone to imbalanced pH levels, which promote diseases. Drinking alkaline ionized water can solve both these issues, by providing us with antioxidants and minerals, as well as neutralising the acidity in our bodies. It also improves skin and hair conditions and has an anti-bacterial effect. To top it all off, it also encourages healthy growth of plants.

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