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Product Model: JS205

 Upgraded to KempSmart i7


About the ATHENA

The ATHENA packs in numerous features to offer the best in compactness and convenience while having a simple yet stylish design for maximum user-friendliness and ease! The ATHENA features a dual filter compartment that allows for extended filtration in hard water and polluted water areas, a digital filter life display, thereby giving preciseness for the filter life usage. Like the Alphion, Including a state of the art 5 pieces of mesh platinum-titanium electrodes, patented double automatic reverse cleaning (DARC) system and advanced solenoid valves to regulate water flow. All these are in addition to the great features already present such as the advanced MICOM System and the 0.01M ultra-fine filter. For the ultimate in convenience and filtration in a hard or polluted water region, the ATHENA is your answer!



Key Features:

TOP 5 Reasons for Getting an ATHENA

  1. Dual filtration for clean, clear water
  2. Internal on / off valve for water flow regulation
  3. Patented DARC for hassle-free maintenance
  4. 5 pieces of latest mesh platinum-titanium electrodes
  5. Advanced AI MICOM system that diagnose all types of water


      • Computer Controlled Smart Ionization system – MICOM (Refer Special Features)
      • Dual Digital Filter change Indication (Refer Special Features)
      • Automation controlled by advanced Micom circuit.
      • Reduced mineral deposits using DARC system. (Refer Special Features)
      • Voice confirmation message
      • Alarm message in case of low flux.
      • Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow. (Refer Special Features)
      • Exact calculation of filter durability with Flux control. (Refer Special Features)
      • Extended range of pH selection and control.
      • Filtration of diverse pollutants and microorganisms using high-quality filter. (Refer Special Features)
      • Silver coated active carbon filtration
      • Calcium may be added through an exterior opening, extending the range of pH selection. (Refer Special Features)
      • Flux control and inbuilt on-off valve, making exterior valve unnecessary. (Refer Special Features)
      • Automatic flow reversal system.
      • Elegant design.
      • Genuine platinum coated titanium electrodes for excellent ionization quality (Refer Special Features)
      • Special meshed platinum-titanium electrodes (Refer Special Features)
      • Easy Filter Replacement.


Special Technology Features


Platinum-Titanium Electrodes
Platinum-titanium electrodes are the only materials used in water ionizers that the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan and Korea endorse. The specially designed electrodes form the heart of a water ionizer to ionize water and are specially imported from our production facility in Japan for its superior ionization strength.  Water cell technologywater cell-platinum titanium
Mesh Technology
State of the art mesh electrodes with its net like cutting on the platinum-titanium electrodes allows for better ionization and thus a dramatic increase in the ORP (oxidative reduction potential) readings that provides more antioxidants. The mesh electrodes, whilst retaining the same size and resolution strength, allowing for a greater surface contact area with the water and thereby improving quality.  Water cell technologymesh_icon
MICOM Control System
The Wontochi MICOM control system self diagnoses every function within the machine and can detect the water pH and quality of any water source, even if the water source is heavy with minerals, which will keep the machine from overheating and ensure ionization is always optimal. Internal Sensors & Circuitry micom_icon
Digital Filter Life Indicator
The digital filter life indicator will indicate when the filter capacity has been exhausted and needs to be changed, so you won’t ever have to worry about the filter being overused or missing a filter change!   Internal Sensors & Circuitryfilterlife_icon
Water Flow Sensor
The water flow sensor ensures that all water flowing into the ionizer is recorded, thus ensuring that your filter is monitored by consumption rather than duration. The sensor also detects water flow thus activating the unit, which saves electricity during its standby mode. Internal Sensors & Circuitry flow_sensor
Internal Temperature Gauge
The internal temperature gauge helps to monitor water temperature flowing into your water ionizer. Should any hot water above 600C flow in, the gauge will reflect this to the MICOM chip and will trigger an automatic shutdown to protect the internal circuitry of the ionizer and raise a signal to indicate that hot water has entered the ionizer. Internal Sensors & Circuitrytemp_gauge
Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC)
DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) System, a patented self cleaning mechanism that helps to remove lime and mineral deposits build up regularly to ensure that the life of the water ionizer is increased. The DARC also makes sure that you will have a drink of fresh alkaline ionized water whenever you need! Cleaning mechanismdarc_icon
0.01M Ultra Fine Filter
The 0.01M filter is manufactured in a state of the art medical / pharmaceutical facility. Using the finest of natural carbon which blocks double the contaminants and further using silver coating, it traps bacteria effectively. Furthermore, with tourmaline stones placed in the filter, it helps to produce FIR (far infrared energy) that helps to oxygenate and activate normal tap water. Calcium that is added to the water also helps to remove smells and improves the water taste. Finally, using heavy duty 0.001M filter pores, it helps to ensure that bacteria, viruses and corpuscles are completely removed  Filter filterspec_0.01
Internal On / Off Valve
The ionizer has an internal on / off valve to turn on and off and regulate the water flow rate. This also allows the user to connect it directly to the water pipes, thereby removing the need for an external tap to control water flow. This also makes the unit setup more compact.  Water Control Valveon-off valve2
Calcium Port
Calcium Port allows for the users to add in extra optional calcium to boost the ionized calcium mineral content in the water. The additional calcium in the water also helps to remove smells and improves the water taste. Ionized calcium from the calcium also boasts quicker and higher percentage rates of calcium absorbed  Additional Featurescalciumport_1

Technical Specifications:

Product Manufacture Permission Number : No. 610
Feature: Ion water generator
Model: JS-205
Input voltage: AC120V -240V
Input Electricity: 0.55A (110W)
Weight: 7.2kg
Overall dimensions: 360*180*380(mm)
Applicable Water Inflow: Pressure 0.6-7kgf/cm
Applicable Water Temperature: 4-30C
Unit Operation Type: One touch
Unit Operation Means: Tap-Water-Open and – Close

Electrolysis Device
Electrolysis Method: Continuous Electrolysis
Electrolysis strength: 4 Level
Ionized Water Output Rate: 2.5L-3L/min (Alkaline+Acidic water)
Cleaning Device: Automatic
Electrode Materials and Design: Mesh, Platinum and Titanium

Water Purifying Device
Filter Replacement: Easy Replacement Cartridge(s)

Filter Life
Sediment Filter Approx 12 Months (Basic 20 Liter/Day)
Ultra Fine Space Fibre Filter: Approx 9 -12 Months (Basic 20 Liter/Day)

Filter Life Indicator
FND Indication

Filter Composition
Sediment Filter: Silver impregnated activated Carbon, calcium
Ultra Fine Space Fibre Filter: Silver impregnated activated Carbon, Bio ceramic stones, calcium and hollow space fibre filter membrane

Water Purifying Device
Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off

Water Supply
Direct Connection to a Tap