Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Water Ionizer (Undersink)

NOW   $ 3388 (i7u) W/GST
Normal   $ 3988 (i7u) W/GST

NOW   $ 3888 (i9u) W/GST
Normal   $ 4888 (i9u) W/GST



KempSmart i 7u / i 9u Undersink

The KempSmart i7u / i9u is the epitome of elegance and quality as it is fashioned with the sophisticated customer in mind, with its intuitive and stylist design. The euro-styled electronic faucet is equipped with an intelligent microchip that conveniently produces water at the touch of a finger! It is ideal for the modern home with small benchtop space and it compliments well with any kitchen decor.

Rust-Free Electrode Plate – Tested by PSB TUV Singapore 

All Kemp water cell plates have always been, and will always be rust free guaranteed. Kemp Singapore water cell plates are certified 100% titanium coated with platinum to ensure ionization performance and will never rust. That’s why our water cell plates are guaranteed for life not to rust.

The quest of KempSmart i7u / i9u alkaline ionized hydrogen water ionizer
is to obtain refinement of pH, -ORP and activated hydrogen water!


  • 2-in-1 water purifier and ionizer
  • Ionized alkaline & hydrogen water
  • 7 / 9 Newtec Platinum-Titanium electrode plates (made in Japan)
  • Patented SmartClean DARC, an automatic watercell cleaning system
  • 10 levels of filtration up to 0.01 micron and KDF55 to remove dissolved
    – —heavy
    metals and THM (cancerous trichloromethane)
  • 9 levels of adjustment on pH, ORP and Hydrogen level
  •  Touch screen & interactive technology
  • Built-in safe features with auto shut off system

Dimensions (Faucet)    : 22cm (H) x 5cm (Diameter)
Input Voltage : 240V

Kemp Singapore Pte Ltd

Pioneer and Leader in Alkaline Ionized Hydrogen Water Ionizer for over 33 years in Singapore !

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