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Improve your health and quality of life with hydrogen water today.

Scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits by eliminating oxidative stress throughout our body to create a healthier, younger you.

The quest of KEMPSmart H2 Hydrogen Water Ionizer is to obtain refinement of pH, ORP and Activated Hydrogen Water

Experience the health benefits of Hydrogen water from KEMPSmart H2 hydrogen-medicalcertification


Enjoy a H.E.A.P of benefits with
KempSmart H2 Hot & Cold Dispenser
hydrogen water singapore
Remarkable “Medical” Hydrogen Water!

Hydrogen enriched water has taken Japan, USA and Korea by storm in recent years!

The reason is simple; hydrogen rich water has been scientifically proven to prevent diseases and slow the aging process by converting the most dangerous hydroxyl radicals in our bodies to water. Hydrogen molecules are capable of making dramatic health benefits as they act on the antioxidant defence system. In addition, hydrogen also promotes the production of type-1 collagen to fight the formation of skin wrinkles. There is no wonder that many products from Japan and Korea have shifted towards hydrogen water.

hydrogen water singapore
User-Friendly Features

The KempSmart H₂ system is designed for ease of operation and the safety of you and your family in mind. The system features:

  • Hot lock function to prevent accidental dispensing of hot water
  • Cleaning function to ensure optimal H₂ production
  • Energy saving standby mode
  • Auto shutoff when leaks are detected
  • Overheat sensor

hydrogen water singapore
hydrogen water singapore

Proton Exchange Membrane (Pem)

The hydrogen generating watercell is equipped with the latest USA made Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) is highly conductive to cations, segregating the positive charged minerals and hydrogen from the negatively charged anions such as chlorine, hydroxyl, sulphate, phosphate and oxygen.

This advanced technique generates “medical” grade pure hydrogen water by dissociating water into Hydrogen, Oxygen and healthy mineral ions.

How Does Hydrogen Work?

Your cells are constantly under attack by free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of energy production which can cause significant damage to body cells and tissues. Antioxidants are required by the body to counteract these free radicals.

Molecular hydrogen or H2 has been scientifically proven to be a clean and efficient antioxidant that when consumed, actively targets and converts dangerous hydroxyl radicals (free radicals) to water.

Size does matter!

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the smallest antioxidant in existence and when consumed, immediately permeates throughout your body to protect as well as prevent the build-up of harmful oxidants.

Research has proven that most water and oil based antioxidants cannot penetrate bio-membranes and diffuse into critical cell components. Incontrast, hydrogen can diffuse unhindered through cells to prevent oxidative damage at key areas (eg. blood brain barrier).

The KempSmart H₂ is the first in the industry to provide FRESH hot and cold hydrogen water utilising cutting edge PEM technology to provide you with a highly effective antioxidant therapy.

Improve your health and quality of life with hydrogen water today. Scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits by eliminating oxidative stress throughout our body to create a healthier, younger you.

1) Ultrafine membrane filter Filters out bacteria, soluble organic and inorganic matter, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes to create pure and fresh water.

2) Proton exchange membrane KempSmart H₂ utilises US made cutting edge PEM technology to extract clean, fresh hydrogen from water.

3) Automatic self-cleaning Keeps the PEM efficient and free from impurities.

4) Hot lock to prevent accidental dispensing of hot water

5) Energy saving standby mode

6) Leak detection technology

7) Overheat sensor



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