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Q. Is filtered water/treated water with high pH any good?

It is dangerous to conclude that any filtered water or treated water with a high pH is a good for you. You can add Potassium Cyanide into water to raise the pH, but that alkaline water would obviously be fatal. You have to drink only Acid-Free Alkaline Water obtainable through Ionization that removes acid minerals that removes acid minerals and enhancing alkaline minerals that were in the source water to be able to enjoy the benefits. Not just any high pH filtered or treated water. This is the ONLY water system that is endorsed by the Ministry of Health & Welfare in Japan (since 1960’s) and Korea (since 1970’s) as a Health Improvement Device.

Q. How do I know if alkaline water is really safe to drink? Isn’t it bleach?

Obtaining alkaline water through ionization is not a new process, it has in fact been around since the 1930s and over an extended period of time, coupled with numerous clinical studies has been found to have significantly improve people’s general health and medical conditions, thus to date, it is the only technology that the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea endorses.
Bleach is a chemical alkaline and is not the same as our alkaline water.

Q. Can Water Filter with a UV kills viruses and bacteria totally?

The purpose of UV light is for bacterial disinfecting. UV light itself loses much of its effectiveness after the first 6 months of usage and should be replaced often, which is of course an expensive proposition. Also, the glass tube that the water travels through in order that it can be exposed to the UV light develops a film on it after only a few months, which greatly lessens the effectiveness of the UV light on the water that passes through the tube. Most manufacturing industries use SLOW running water with LONG UV tubes, so it is questionable as to how effective a SMALL UV tube over faster running water is? This is not logical. Do not just invest in a water filter system because it has UV but neglect the importance of the quality of water you are drinking daily which contributes greatly to your health and your loved ones!
Point to note: For the UV tube to be effective in killing bacteria it should be lighted up for a few minutes before water passes through.

JUPITER Water Ionizer does not only kill viruses and bacteria, it has more health benefits that warrant you to invest in it. (Please refer to our Singapore General Hospital Bacteria Test Report No.: W5840)

Q. What’s the difference between Diamond and your system?

Most systems in the market are mostly just a filtration or purification system. Regardless of the number of filters that are present, they will only produce clean, filtered water at the end of the process. They do not have the ability to produce mineral-enriched alkaline water unlike JUPITER™ water ionizers.

Q. How does JUPITER Water Ionizer compared to Reverse Osmosis, Distillers and other Filtering or Energizing Water available in the market?

Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed. Reverse Osmosis uses membranes in its system. Both systems remove all dissolved minerals and produces pure water that tends to be acidic. Pure water does not have electrolytes that are important for cellular functions. Prolonged drinking of these 2 types of water leach mineral salts from the body and eventually develops multiple mineral deficiencies. Cooking foods in pure water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value.

Carbon Filters or Energizing Water Filters are basically water filters. Some systems come with few types of cartridges. Filters cannot kill bacteria or viruses so it is recommended that you boil the water before drinking.

Point to note: Filter cannot perform ionization and it cannot split tap water into alkaline ionized minerals and acidic ionized minerals.

The Ideal Water for the human body should contain essential minerals and electrolytes that are vital for cellular functions.

JUPITER Water Ionizer can offer that and much more such as Antioxidant properties, smaller water cluster and plenty of oxygen to energize you and flushes acidic toxins out from your body.

Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water is approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Japan and Korea as a Health Advancement Device since 1960’s and 1970’s respectively. To-date the approval still stands and there have been no reported side effects so far. No water system in the markets today can give you this assurance.

Q. Do you have any materials to support the health claims?

For more information on testimonies, clinical reports and to view the certified true copies of the licenses and documents, feel free to visit our showroom at 10 Anson Road, #02-86, International Plaza or call us at 6272-5337 to arrange for a home or office demonstration today!

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