Scientifically, testimonies are often regarded as stories from a human angle and may not be as quantitative as scientific studies and experiments.
It does however demonstrate that people have experienced the tangible benefits of alkaline ionized water sufficiently to express their gratitude and experiences to others in hope that others may benefit from their stories.

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Below are some of their stories.

    1. From Terminal Cancer to Terrific Health
    2. Recovery from Gout and Pigmentation
    3. Diabetes
    4. Arthritis / Rheumatic
    5. Knee Pain, Indigestion, Food Cravings
    6. High Blood Pressure
    7. Heart Disease
    8. Skin Problems ( Eczema / Allergy)
    9. Pre-eclamptic Toxemia
    10. Headaches
    11. Recovery from Hyperacidity and Inflammed Duodenum
    12. Relieved of Ulcers and Dandruff
    13. Overall improvement in health
    14. Boosts Energy Levels and Immune System
    15. Relieving Flatulence and Hyper Acidity

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