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Life Just Got Better with VESTA Alkaline Water Ionizer

The VESTA water ionizer is now available in Singapore and Malaysia! Created and designed by a team of top Korean designers, VESTA is made to please the sophisticated customers tastes with stylish design and high performance. Packed with numerous features and incorporated with all the latest in technologies, VESTA provides you with a stream of high quality, alkaline ionized water with abundant anti-oxidants! Click here to view the two models available!

VESTA water ionizer uses 2 patented ultra-fine dual filtration up to 0.01 micron which caters to condition the quality of any tap water prior ionization. You have also a wider choice for 7 or 9 electro-plates and a selection of colours for the system which enhances the kitchen decor and ambience.

Industry-first technology!

  • AutoAdjust optimizer automatically adjusts the ionizing power giving the best performance and ionization for your particular water source.
  • Smart Switch next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.
  • Patented dual Biostone filtration ensures you peace of mind, knowing your water is not only alkaline and ionized, but cleaned.
  • AutoClean fully automatic post use cleaning – unlike other ionizers, never wait for your alkaline water and protect your investment

Key Features:

  • 9 high-efficiency platinum titanium electrodes deliver more power per square inch than larger less sophisticated electrodes requiring large wattage. Think small. Think efficient.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system
  • Widest range of 274 pH and ORP selections
  • Energy-saving advanced water flow sensor
  • Compact size – smaller than other 9 electrode ionizers
  • Sleek mirror faced elegantly designed
  • Aesthetic touch screen sensors


AutoAdjust There are those who incorrectly say you need mega-watts of power and the largest plates to get the best ionization performance. It is also important to understand that the actual performance of these other ionizer brands always varies due to changes in the mineral levels present in your water. The fluctuation in mineral content creates unstable results from day to day and from place to place. The engineers who designed the Vesta GL created the most intelligent and efficient power delivery system available today. The Vesta GL is the only ionizer that overcomes this for you – automatically. The Vesta’s AutoAdjust technology consistently creates the ultimate pH and ORP by adjusting the way power is applied to the plates to match the amount of minerals present in your water. The Vesta GL is the first, and only ionizer that offers this level of intelligent sophistication and efficiency.

More Activated Alkaline Water! Using advanced pulse width modulation, AutoAdjust delivers the electrical energy in variable short, sharp bursts or punches.AutoAdjust varies pulse time or widths based on the mineral content in your water as determined by the on-board computer. No other ionizer can do this. This causes the electrodes to act in a more excited and energetic way creating more active production of oxygen from the electrode, and therefore more activated water. The result is a bigger change in pH and better ORP. With AutoAdjust technology, you always get optimal performance and benefit, no matter where you live or what your water quality. Every time. Easy. Automatic. Only from Kemp Trading



The principle of AutoAdjust The output signal (blue) is compared with the limits (green). These limits correspond to the reference signal (red) which is the fed back to the Vesta’s advanced circuitry from the conductivity in your water (relative to the minerals) and offset by a given value. Every time the output signal reaches one of these limits, AutoAdjust changes the signal or pulse width effectively adjusting the power relative to the minerals in your water and to the setting selected.


Smart Switch next generation SMIP Power

The Vesta GL uses state-of the art Switch Mode Power Supply Technology in order to operate it’s unique AutoAdjust feature and extend the Vesta’s performance. Other ionizers claim they operate with over 350 watts of power, as if that is somehow better. The reality is the more watts that are delivered, the more heat that will be generated inside your ionizer. It’s a fact – and common sense – that excessive heat will damage anything. The surface of the plate is crucial to performance. When you constantly subject it to excessive power and heat, the plate and other components become subject to more rapid degradation, and your ionizer will ultimately deliver less performance. Especially over time. There is no sophistication in this mega-power approach. Any manufacturer can apply more power to the plates to improve performance. But at what cost to performance and durability? The Vesta GL’s power plant is intelligently designed to deliver the most efficient power therefore minimizing heat and its damaging effect. This saves power and harmful stress to your ionizer while extending performance. Current generations of SMPS offered by other ionizer companies do not automatically adjust voltage on demand to match varying water conditions. The advanced SMPS used in the Vesta GL is able to deliver this cutting edge functionality – providing the best performance and protection. Efficient power. Optimal performance. Ultimate durability. That is the Vesta Smart Switch Technology.

Biostone Filtration Patented dual filters consisting of 0.01 micron filters combine with space-fiber technology to efficiently filter almost any tap water. The filter life change indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your filters. With the Vesta GL you have the ability to use up to two filters to really make sure your water is filtered properly.



All ionizers have cleaning systems which are crucial to performance and durability, but all cleaning systems are not created equal. One more important advantage of AutoAdjust, is that calcium and other minerals cannot attach themselves to the electrodes. With the electrodes switching on and off so quickly and pulsing differing widths, minerals don’t have the time or stability to form a bond with the surface of the electrode. Other less sophisticated ionizer brands cause you to periodically wait for your alkaline water. The AutoClean reversal mechanism operates in the background of the Vesta GL, always cleaning and never interrupting the flow of alkaline drinking water. You never have to wait or worry. Easy. Elegant. Effective! Only from IonWays.


Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system allows for the advanced technology to function and protects your investment. Smart Sensors signal excessive temperatures either from power surge or water temperatures and shut your ionizer down to protect it.

9-Ultra Efficient Electrodes Made of the highest grade Titanium / Platinum for durability and efficient ionization. EmcoTech plate manufacturing remains state of the art, using proven best-practices – the choice for most ionizers sold worldwide.


Modern, Sleek Design Small footprint and elegant black and stainless-look design complement any modern kitchen decor. The Emco Tech range of water ionizers has proven over the last several years that bigger is not necessarily better. What matters is the engineering … how efficiently the electrical amperage is delivered to the electrode. Our ionizers out perform other brands with more or larger electrodes and more wattage, because more amps are delivered per square inch of electrode.